New Home Construction Summary

1. Determine your financial Budget.

2. Pick out a home or Design a custom plan for your building lot.

3. Hire Virginia Building Solutions to be your builder, inspect building site and begin permit process.

4. Finalize building contract, order and build your new home and begin site improvements.

5. Install your new home and complete all site finishes and utility connections to obtain occupancy.

No two homes are identical and no two home building experiences are the same.  However, we have found that setting a plan in place to help guide each home owner through the process in the beginning will help smooth out the bumps in the road to completion.  There are many old sayings that are appropriate in prioritizing the steps of building a new home, such as "putting the horse in front of the cart", or "measure twice, and cut once", (the latter maybe more appropriate for building a home!)  So follow these steps and Let the Virginia Building Solutions Team go to work for you!